Branched Chain Amino Acids – popularly known as “BCAAs”, are for the purpose of keeping the body lean and strong. The following are some of the benefits of BCAAs:

  • Are able to increase the amount of lean mass in the bodies of young and middle-aged adults
  • Are able to reduce the visceral belly fat and give more muscle mass for those who care to take these with their daily diet
  • They boost the protein synthesis levels and prevent muscle break up
  • Are able to improve insulin sensitivity and glucose uptake. In cases of those who have diabetes, the BCAAs are able to add strength to the metabolic markers
  • They are able to produce the energy required for doing exercises and build muscles
  • They are also able to reduce muscle fatigue and soreness when doing strenuous exercises


BCAAS are a combination of Valine, Isoleucine and Leucine – which are essential Amino Acids that must be taken in through a daily diet. These make up about 40% of the daily requirement of the nine essential amino acids. These are found in protein-rich foods like chicken, beef, eggs, Whey Protein and Salmon etc. These can be easily supplemented, and are able to reach the blood stream within a short time.

The BCAAs make it easy for the body to get more energy when doing intense exercises, and account for more than 35% of the muscle tissue in the body. They give more energy to the muscles depending on their quantity, thus avoiding muscle breakdown when sourcing energy.

It is proven fact that the BCAAs give a higher-level protein synthesis, but they are not known to increase muscle mass in the long run. So, for body builders and athletes – it is necessary for additional protein intake above their threshold levels, and once this is done there is considerable muscle mass gain with resistance training.

With BCAA supplementation, it is now possible to bring down fatigue, boost the rate of recovery, experience less muscle soreness, and better use of fat for giving the required levels of energy.


  • BCAAs are good for muscle protein synthesis
  • BCAAs are required for greater fat burning
  • BCAAs are good at maintaining the right type of hormone balance during strenuous exercises:
  • BCAAs are good at improving strength development with training
  • BCAAs give more endurance in performance and decrease fatigue
  • BCAAs are known to take away the sore feeling thus help you take training for longer periods
  • BCAAs are good for preventing Muscle loss when doing exercises for longer periods
  • BCAAs prevent the onset of diabetes by improving the insulin health

In the medical field, BCAAs are used for treating  liver disease, prevent muscle loss that comes with aging, and prevent cancer. Apart from these benefits, BCAAs are able to give longevity as they are able to give birth to new mitochondria in your body cells. Due to their beneficial effect on neuro-transmitters, they also take care of gluatamate synthesis, preventing the production of serotonin.

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