L- Glutamine powder is the ideal way to get lean muscle, boost your overall health and is excellent at curing a leaky gut. Here we will provide you with methods for how to use it correctly, and what the right dosages are for good results.

The L- glutamine power became popular among fitness enthusiasts and weight trainers as it was able to prevent muscle loss and provided faster recovery from exercise fatigue.

Some of the well known L- Glutamine benefits include:

  • Boosting your gastro-intestinal health by nourishing your intestines
  • Healing ulcers by plugging-up the holes in your gut, thus acting like an internal “bandage” preventing further damage
  • Improving concentration, memory and mental focus as it acts as a good neuro-transmitter in the brain
  • Aiding in healthy bowel movement by stabilising the mucus production in the stomach
  • Completely preventing muscle wasting while aiding in muscle growth
  • Helping improve your performance as an athlete and assisting in easier recovery from endurance exercises
  • Aiding in inter-cellular detoxification while boosting body metabolism
  • Reducing alcohol and sugar craving thus stabilising your blood glucose levels
  • Helping in overcoming complications arising from high blood sugar and diabetes


L- Glutamine makes up the largest part of blood Amino Acids, and it accounts for over 30% of amino acid nitrogen. Additionally, 60% of skeletal muscle is made of Glutamine. When nourishing your body with this, it can boost the protein synthesis and bring up pH levels.

L- Glutamine is rich in animal protein and it is available in plant sources of protein like parsley, beans, red cabbage and raw spinach among other sources, but L- Glutamine obtained from plant sources are hard to digest than that which is obtained from animal sources.

Some foods that contain large amounts of this amino- acid are:

  • Chinese Cabbage
  • Bone Broth
  • Grass-fed Beef
  • Spirulina
  • Asparagus
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Wild Caught Fish (Cod, Tuna and Salmon)
  • Venison
  • Turkey
  • Broccoli Raab

The recommended way of taking these foods is to take your daily dosage in three servings.


Millions of people suffer from digestive diseases, causing a general conclusion that the diet we take is not providing the necessary nutrients necessary for the health of our digestive system.

Many studies have proved that Glutamine is the main source of energy to the cells in the small intestine; hence it is able to cure leaky gut in an easy way. Moreover, it is good in giving a good response to the healthy bowels related immune response, by regulating the supply of IgA – which is the antibody that attacks viruses and bacteria and prevents allergies and sensitivities of the food particles we take through our diet by reducing intestinal inflammation.


  • L-Glutamine boosts Athleticism by giving more Energy

This is achieved though L-Glutamine’s ability to completely detoxify the gut by removing ammonia from your body.  It also helps in the conversion of ammonia into some of the essential amino acids and amino sugars.

When undertaking about one hour of exercise, there will be a 40% reduction in Glutamine levels in the body. This results in your immune function suffering, which results in a negative effect on your resistance training, bringing about an “overtraining” syndrome – making it necessary to supplement your diet.

L- Glutamine is especially good for long distance runners as it is able to increase the production of T-helper cells that reduce the stress connected with overtraining syndrome.

  • L-Glutamine helps in Bodybuilding

When doing strenuous exercises, muscles and tendons get tense and require more Glutamine to get early recovery from the stress.  If not provided, muscle wasting can happen as the cellular glutamine levels are lowered by more than 50% and plasma levels are reduced by 30% as a muscle is used by your body to get more energy. When you take more Glutamine-rich foods, this can be prevented and more muscle can be built, metabolic rates enhanced and athletic performance improved.

  • Boost your HGH with L-Glutamine

Glutamine helps the secretion of Human growth Hormone called as HGH that is necessary for higher fat metabolism and helps in good muscle growth. It also helps in suppressing the levels of Insulin sensitivity of the cells, and helps in controlling the bad effects of diabetes while bringing down sugar cravings.



As excess levels of Glutamine in the body may cause some complications in the long term, it is better to take it along with Vitamin B12 to control its build up in the body. The regular dosage for weight trainers and power athletes is 10 grams per day – either before or after workouts along with protein shakes.

If you want to take L- Glutamine to heal a leaky gut or improve your digestive system, 5g of this daily in two servings is recommended.

L- Glutamine is good for your health in many ways, especially in building your muscle structure and rejuvenating your digestive system. Take this supplement as per the recommended dosages, and you are certain to get its benefits in a sustained way for better health and higher fitness.

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