Though we have many types of protein supplements, Whey protein remains better than the rest. Whey protein contains a complete range of all essential Amino Acids that enter into the body easily, and help you get more strength, build more muscle and lose more fat in a shorter time. In addition to this, Whey protein is not only just a protein as it gives your body many other nutrients with very strong biological effects.

Whey protein has good effects on conditions such as depression, blood sugar, blood pressure and helps in curing symptoms of cancer and HIV. Due to all this, Whey protein has become one of the most studied proteins, and here you can find more details about how it functions thus helping you reach the desired levels of fitness and remain at a higher degree of health and fitness.


Whey protein is made from whey that is separated from milk during the cheese preparation process. Whey comes from the watery portion of the milk, and is obtained as a by-product when the fatty milk parts coagulate together. It can be seen as a floating liquid in a yoghurt container. After it is separated from milk, it goes into a series of processes until it reaches a stage at which it is in a powder form. At this stage, it is added to the protein bars, supplements and shakes. Whey protein has to be flavoured with vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate as it lacks a flavour of its own.

Whey protein helps you increase your protein intake by 25 to 30 grams over and above that you receive from your daily diet. This is very good for body builders, gym enthusiasts and those who want to lose weight or those who want to supplement protein in their diet. Though Whey protein is generally well tolerated, those with lactose intolerance must be careful when taking it as some might develop allergic reactions.


Whey protein supplements are good for your overall health due to Whey being a rich source of protein and used as basic building blocks of the human body. Whey protein takes part in many of the vital bodily functions, and help in the making of tendons, skin, and organs and in the production of enzymes, hormones, and neurotransmitters and many types of tiny molecules. This helps in increasing your muscle mass as proteins are the building blocks of contractile elements in your muscles.

Proteins are made from amino acids that are a group of tiny molecules linked together like beads tied together in a string. Though some of these can be made in the body, other essential amino acids must be derived from the food one eats.

Whey protein has more amounts of Leucine and Cysteine that are among the Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). These are growth-promoting amino acids that help in the production of the Glutathione Antioxidant.


Whey protein is available as Whey concentrate, Whey isolate and Whey Hydrolysate, and they all vary in the way they are processed. Whey concentrate has 70- 80% protein with lactose, fat and has the best natural flavour.  Whey isolate on the hand has more than 90% protein, but lacks in other nutrients. Whey Hydrolysate has more amounts of protein and can be absorbed into the body faster, giving spikes of insulin for increased energy-flow in the body.

Whey concentrate is best for overall nutrition and is the cheapest and most tasteful due to the presence of lactose and fat. If you want to get more protein and avoid taking carbohydrates and fat, then it is better to go for Whey protein Isolate or the Hydrolysed form of Whey.


Whey protein supplements are used mainly for increasing the muscle mass in the body and to get more strength hence it is popular among athletes, bodybuilders and those who want to have more fitness.

Whey protein is a rich source of Leucine that increases the production of muscle protein at molecular and genetic levels. It is more readily absorbed into the body than other types of protein. You can see a marked improvement in your muscle growth when you increase the daily protein intake. When compared to other types of protein, Whey performs significantly better in this front.


It is a known fact that protein always helps in weight loss. Whey protein supplements can help you achieve higher levels of weight loss, as it gives more protein to the body that is considered to be one of the best-known macronutrients around.

It is also known to increase the rate of metabolism by over 80 to 100 calories per day, and helps you decrease your calorie intake by over 441 calories a day.

Protein is known to bring down your food cravings and reduces the desire for “snacking”; hence Whey protein is able to bring more good results for weight loss efforts. When taking Whey protein as a replacement for other foods, you can easily achieve weight loss and increase your lean muscle mass.


Apart from being a high quality protein source, Whey has many other beneficial nutrients like Lactoferrin, Alpha-lactalbumin, Beta-lactoglobulin and Immunoglobulins among others. Due to this, Whey is able to bring in more health benefits including a reduction of blood pressure and blood sugar that will assist in the relief of stress and depression. In addition to these benefits, Whey can also help in preventing cancer, hepatitis and boost the mineral density of the bones as well as boost the function of the immune system in HIV patients.


The recommended dosage for Whey protein is around 25 to 50 grams a day and usually it is taken after your workouts. It is advisable to follow the serving instructions of the manufacturer, and for those with kidney or liver conditions, consulting a medical doctor before taking Whey protein is strongly recommended.

Avoid taking too much of whey protein as it may lead to digestive issues including flatulence, diarrhoea, nausea, pain and cramping. It also may cause allergic reactions and if you are not tolerant to Whey concentrate, you can go for the isolate or Hydro lysate.

Whey protein offers many good benefits to your body with an excellent safety profile.


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