Carrie-Anne van Heerden

    About Me:

    1. Tell us a bit about yourself as an athlete (what do you do) and what you have achieved
      I absolutely love my  training and I am an active fitness competitor. I train  6 times a week at Westville Virgin Active and I am looking forward to my next competition in June.In 2018 I competed in KZN’s and came third and went through to SA’s, which was a huge achievement for me as I compete in the Over 35 category and I am 52 years old.Im Looking forward to seeing how my body responds to my diet and training over the next 12 weeks.
    1. In your opinion, what makes you a true PURE ambassador?
      I believe in the products because they really work and Pure are very transparent with the ingredients they use.
    1. Which PURE products do you use and why?
      I love they CLA with green tea, I feel it really works on getting rid of cellulite.  I enjoy taking the blast before every workout as It gives me extra energy and a mean pump.  I also take the buffered vitamin C as it is very effective in taking care of my immune system.
    1. Why do you choose PURE over any other products on the market?
      I find the product very effective.

    Get to know me better!

    1. Would you rather watch television or read a book?
      Read a book
    1. What drives you as an athlete?
      Change and the final result.
    1. Do you prefer having a night out or an evening in and why??
      A night in, so I can rest my body and just chill.
    1. What is your favourite cheat meal?
    1. On a rainy day – where would we find you?
      In the gym or working in my house.
    1. Are you a social media freak or do you keep to yourself?
      Love social media.  I’m a very inquisitive person.
    1. If money was no object, what would you do all day?
      I would become a personal trainer, and I would spend more time with my grandchildren enjoying life.
    1. Where do you most want to travel to in the world, but have never been?
      To Italy or Hawaii.
    1. What is the one thing that should be taught in school that isn’t already?
      They need to be taught about our Savior Jesus Christ.
    1. What is the motto you live by?
      Talk less and Listen more.