Chennel JagesurOwner and Sports Nutrition Specialist at Fit Guru Consulting

    About Me

    I am an applied mathematician and economist by trade , who fell in love with the field of sports and performance nutrition during my transformation journey. I battled obesity from a child into my early twenties where I then changed my fate by dabbling in numerous facets within the sporting and nutrition arena. I went from being a long distance road cyclist with Vertical Spaces cycling club, road and trail runner with Puma KZN, to an obstacle course racer and now avid bodybuilding enthusiast. It has been a long hard road to take control of my poor genetics and change my fate. It has been such a blessing for my devotion to health to be recognised by Pure Nutrition when I competed in my first bodybuilding show, the Rossi Grand Prix. It has required much discipline and research within the field of both nutrition and sports science to maintain control over my slow metabolism, and it is a process that keeps progressing. I have now devoted my life to helping others develop a sound nutritional and training strategy through my company, Fit Guru Consulting.

    Why I love PURE!

    Becoming a brand ambassador for Pure Nutrition has been one of the biggest blessings I could have ever hoped for. Not only can I vouch for the quality of the products, but I can entrust their use among my Fit Guru Clientele. Coming from a poor health background myself, I have attracted a client base that comprises a large percentage of insulin resistant, hypothyroidism and diabetes sufferers who can safely use Pure products with the utmost respect for their health. I myself have become heavily reliant on the brand, and can say without a doubt that Pure products rank number one in my books in terms of it’s ingredients and constituents. No corners have been cut in the manufacturing of Pure products, and the fact that I can count on Pure to be soy, lactose and preservative free is a huge relief.

    My Timeline

    Team long distance cyclist with Vertical Spaces

    Team road and trail running with Puma KZN

    Weight loss feature in Women’s Health Magazine

    Features on Indian Female Fitness

    Strength Athlete

    Fitness bikini competitor


    Strong willed
    Easy going