Diane HopeCrossfit & Olympic Lifting Athlete. SA Gold Medalist, Olympic Lifting

    About Me

    Mother to 2 beautiful girls, Wife to an awesome husband and a Fitness Junkie. I thrive off of high intensity training. I am head coach & nutritionist at Crossfit SLAM, and my passion is working with people helping them better themselves fitness and nutrition wise. I believe that in life you need to have the perfect balance of nutrition, training and fun. My training for myself and competitions is based on a split of Strength training, Gymnastics & metabolic conditioning. My biggest achievement in my training is winning Gold for SA in olympic lifting. Looking forward to what 2016 holds!!!

    Why I love PURE!

    PURE is the perfect product for me in my training. i have always been very against putting supplements in my body as i believe i can get it from a proper balanced diet, however due to the high intensity & hours of my training i feel the need for help on recovery. PURE is just that for me. i LIVE off of BCAA & Glutamine. it is the perfect blend to get me pre,during & post workout. Specifically the days where i am training multiple times. The vitamin & mineral range is great for my family! A well rounded product, that you never need to question. You know exactly what is going into your body! I am 100% confident in my clients indulging in the product too!

    My Timeline

    2013 – qualified to compete African Crossfit Regionals.

    2014 – Silver Medal Gauteng Weightlifting Champs, qualified to compete in SA Champs, but did not compete, 2nd Place Last Team Standing – African Crossfit Competition. Team event, 5th overall Last Man Standing CrossFit Comp. – African Crossfit Competition Individual Event

    2015 – Gold Medal Gauteng Weightlifting Champs,  Gold SA Champs Olympic Lifting.


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