Greg AvierinosOCR and Adventure Sport Athlete

    About Me

    I am a 21 year old Sports Science student at the University of Pretoria. Im always down for anything adventurous, being outdoors and exploring new places. I don’t like doing things the conventional way and am always looking at ways to turn ordinary activities into something exciting! I have been sporty and active for as long as I can remember, love being outdoors, exploring exciting new places and thank the Lord for blessing me with a healthy body to do all these things. I started off my sporting path as a young adventure racer at about the age of 12, I have loved doing extreme things for as long as I can remember and so when I saw the photos of the Warrior Race on Facebook I thought it would be something new and exciting to try out. Been participating as a semi-professional OCR (Obstacle Course Race) Athlete since mid 2014 and have since represented South Africa at the World Championships for the last two years where I placed 2nd in the 18-24 Category. Locally I am part of the Nearest Team,  participating in mostly OCR events, otherwise where it fits in I like to do some Adventure Races, Trail runs and Mountain bike races.

    Why I love PURE!

    Pure keeps me fuelled and going through all my exciting outdoor excursions! Whether its “Push” out on a long cycle or run, or whey and glutamine to ensure I’m recovered and ready for my next session they are all friendly on the taste buds and free of banned substances (stuff you don’t want to be caught taking!) to ensure you remain healthy, legal and provide your body with the good stuff it needs.

    My Timeline

    2010 – Selected for U16B Northerns hockey team.

    2011 – Selected for Northern Gauteng District side for Cross Country.

    2012 – Selected for Northern Gauteng District side for Cross Country, Selected for the Northern Gauteng Duathlon squad, Winners of the SA Champs for Schools Adventure Racing and team captain

    2013 – Selected for the Northern Gauteng Duathlon squad.

    2014 – 2nd at OCR World Championships, in the 18-24 age group, held in USA, 2nd in The Warrior Races final series standings, 1st at Warrior Race #7, The Gladiator Race #2, Men’s Health, Urbanathlon and in the Kinetic sprint adventure race series, 2nd at The Warrior Race #4 #5 and #6, The Impi Challenge #2, 4th at The Warrior Race #3

    2015 – 2nd at OCR World Championships, in the 18-24 age group, 1st at Warrior #3 and in the Kinetic Adventure race series, 2nd at Warrior #2 #5, Impi Challenge #1