Julian JayeWorld Fitness Champion / Performance and Calisthenic Athlete / Professional Dancer / Trainer / Nutritional Therapist

    About Me

    I perceive myself to plain and eccentric individual that prefers life to be simple in all ways except artistic and physical. I hold positive energy in high regard and promote it in all ways possible. I am easy going and I do love people and their individuality. By day I am a Nutritional therapist, personal trainer and professional Dancer and entertainer for 15years now. As an athlete I am an original individual striving and training for physical perfection in everyway humanly possible, strength, power, muscle, agility, flexibility and mobility. My fundamentals are that of Gymnastic and dance, which are at the top of power, agility and flexibility. I also add body weight calisinthenics, yoga and weight training  to my lifestyle for overall quality muscle and balance. I live only to challenge and be better than myself each year, thus motivating and inspiring clients and followers to adopt different methods of training or exercise for happiness and longevity. I have won numerous Dance, Gymnastic and fitness model competitions over my career including world titles and have Pro level status.

    I am a True Person, I am a pure person, I keep to the purity of everything I do for overall health and physical wellness. I know what works and have many years experience in the field of nutrition and guidance to others. One will be able to tell that I am and only Use Pure and live pure, everything about me speaks it

    Why I love PURE!

    Big Ups to PURE – Its simple, I have studied naturapathic medicine and nutrition extensively over my career, I not only have the knowledge but the experience of using supplementation and nutricuticals throughout to develop my healthy body. I choose PURE as I know that supplementation is man made, and man can manipulate it to be great but also incredibly dangerous as many ingredients are not tolerated well by our systems and taken as lifestyle can do long term cellar damage. In this case I believe the purer and simpler is not just next level, but the best, and the process by which its made is satisfying to our digestive system and cells to help our health and performance. PURE sticks to the absolute basics of what is needed, and without any unknown or harmful added ingredients makes me at peace and happy that I can use PURE everyday for lifestyle and live longer.


    Communication and people interaction
    Cooking and Baking
    Dancing and movement
    Balancing Lifestyles