Many of our diets include healthy carbs, as carbs are very important to sustain our bodies during the course of the day.  SO here’s our solution to making your scoop of potato MAGIC. INGREDIENTS [...]


We know we had pancake recipes before…but trying to always up our game is what we do best!  Almost completely guilt free treats for any day come rain or shine….try these perfect pancakes! [...]


Craving for those savoury treats…. let’s rather help you out with something that has a Protein Power Punch.  The PURE MAGIC MUFFINS. Ingredients 3 Eggs 40 g Biltong 100 g Cheddar Cheese 60 g [...]

Tiramisu Protein Pancakes

EAT THAT TREAT!  YES – the holidays are not holidays without sweet treats!  But before the guilt eats you up from the inside….rather try our Tiramisu Protein Pancakes. Ingredients 2 x Scoops PURE [...]

Ice Popsicle

PROTEIN ON A STICK! Feeling the summer heat and dying for a cold treat?  Why not try our simple and quick ice Popsicle on a stick? Ingredients 2 scoops of PURE Protein Powder 1 can of organic [...]

Oatmeal breakfast

On TOP of your morning OATS! You don’t need to go to great lengths to make sure you get all you need from your morning oats….JUST ADD A BIT OF PURE! Ingredients What is in the pancake mix? 1 cup [...]


WEEKEND BANANA PANCAKE TREATS Easy – healthy = PURE! Ingredients What is in the pancake mix? 1 cup egg whites 1/2 cup mashed banana 1/2 cup chocolate or vanilla PURE whey protein powder 1/2 cup [...]


Our deliciously soft protein bites are a perfect sweet treat when you are trying to keep to a healthy diet! Ingredients 2 Scoops PURE Whey protein (Vanilla flavour) 2 Scoops Instant Oats 30ml [...]


FLIP THAT FLAPJACK! Wake up to a muscle building FUN breakfast with Vanilla, Chocolate Chip Flapjacks. Yes! We know! It is the season for bulking and then leaning out to show what you are made of [...]

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